R & D / Tooling

R&D and tooling are all part of the BIG PICTURE

Not every customer comes to us with finely polished schematics and blueprints or a working prototype. Some just know they need something to accomplish something else. They need part of a bigger picture. We can help you research and develop what you need, from blueprints right up to tooling.

Research & development

Cander Trade can work with your purchasing, engineering or manufacturing team to assist in product development, cost reduction or problem solving—on a single project or with a more global responsibility.Big Picture Sourcing means we already have a manufacturer, transporter and distribution plan in mind, as we help you develop your product and bring it up to specifications.


To help reduce the manufacturing costs of projects with specialized tooling requirements, we have built strong working relationships with local tool and die makers. They can help reduce the cost of manufacturing your product by supplying low cost, high quality tooling for your project.
Sourcing your tooling locally is the resourceful answer to a growing demand for efficiency.