Riot Balls

500 X Less Lethal Seamless .50 Cal Solid PVC Jaw Breaker High Impact Balls

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Personal and Military self protection Less lethal rounds .50 cal
These projectiles are extremely dense injection -molded Nylon rounds designed for maxim impact and distance.
Please use riot balls responsibly

The new .50 Cal Nylon Riot Training Balls are the latest non-lethal training munitions available today.
The .50 Cal Nylon Riot Training Balls are extremely cost effective, and can be used thousands of times. They just need to be swept up, rinsed, dried and put back in action!

Self Defense Paintball Ammo Alternative
New and improved hard PVC/Nylon .50 Cal

These work great and are intended for practice target shooting and possible home defense against intruders or animal attacks.
They work in all .50 cal. paintball guns, They are reusable, do not deform and long lasting

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